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Magnattack® Global Solves a Difficult Black Spec Contamination Risk

21 Sep 2021  |
Commercial bakeries are an integral provider of essential food for consumers daily and detecting contamination in bulk ingredients early is crucial to preventing costly down time and limiting quarantine of valuable production stock.

The business is too valuable to have contamination be sent down the chain to become an issue with the consumer or a key client.

Separation of fine magnetic contaminants is a constant challenge for the milling industry where very fine weakly magnetic slithers and spec contamination is generated. Some identified sources of contamination:

  • deteriorating sifter screens – generating slithers and specs
  • conveyor systems wear – generating small fragments and wires
  • wear iron contamination from milling process

In the milling process there are many opportunities for control of contamination in powder ingredients. One of the most challenging separation duties is in powders conveyed at high speeds through vacuum or blow-line transfers due to the high risk of contaminants escaping capture or detection. 

Just over 20 years ago, Magnattack® Global conducted testing using on-site data with a large Australian-based flour milling facility for targeting magnetic fines contamination in powder conveying systems, such as flour and semolina. This was instrumental in the further development of RE80® magnetic separators being more powerful at product contact, their retention, aerodynamic design, and wide cross-section coverage.

Magnattack® Global will assist with selecting the most suitable magnetic separator for maximum protection without an unacceptable obstruction to the flow, depending on the specific duty of control, e.g., contributing magnet / indicator / machine protection / essential or final control magnet.

Magnetic separators that suit powder processing applications:

  • Mag-Ram® Self-Cleaning Separator
  • Rapidclean® Magnetic Grate System
  • Spherical Blowline Separator
  • Custom solutions – please contact Magnattack® Global here

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