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Master the Art of Smart Silos

Master the Art of Smart Silos
7 Nov 2023  |
Smart silos in food processing use advanced technology to monitor and optimize storage conditions. They employ sensors, data analytics, and automation to ensure product quality and safety.

Cloud technology, IoT and level sensors reduce waste, improve inventory management, and enhance the efficiency of food processing operations, benefiting both producers and consumers.

The quest for safety, efficiency, productivity, and sustainability never ends. That’s where intelligent, or smart silos, come into play. These revolutionary inventory systems offer critical data for decision-making, helping processors prevent losses, tackle pests, moisture issues, and optimize operations.

Intelligent bulk storage silos, bins, and tanks coupled with Internet of Things (IoT) technology collect crucial data on material levels, temperature, moisture, and more.

“We’re seeing a convergence of technology for these silos and bins,” said Mike Mossage, BinMaster VP US East. “Early on, we developed BinCloud to become a host for all the continuous level sensors that are part of a smart silo system.”  Mossage said BinCloud pulls data, no matter the manufacturer, and provides an easy-to-understand graphical report of conditions in each vessel. He said one BinCloud report will display all silos in one facility or even multiple facilities.

In food processing, optimal conditions are programmed in a central monitoring system. Even control systems, like chutes and conveyors, benefit from sensors that prevent overfills or production stops (Abdullah, et. Al. 2019).

BinMaster intelligent silo systems eliminate risky climbing to measure vessels. They provide up-to-date level measurements of key ingredients in production. BinCloud software allows a company administrator to delegate the monitoring of silos to specific people and even provides emailed reports on bulk material levels and use.

Every operation is unique, so BinMaster experts walk along the automation journey with customers to maximize the full capabilities of an intelligent bulk material system.

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