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Efficiency and Precision: Implementation of Integrated Weighing in Machinery 

Efficiency and Precision: Implementation of Integrated Weighing in Machinery 
28 Jun 2024  |
In an effort to optimize the management of metallic waste, a costumer in Peru has implemented an integrated weighing system in their machinery. The need was conveyed by one of our sales representatives, who highlighted the importance of improving the productivity and performance of the backhoes used in the operation.

The two backhoes, equipped with a hydraulic grapple and electromagnetic manipulator, are essential for the movement of materials. To meet the end user’s demands, an exhaustive study was conducted to find the best technological solution. The proposal included the development of a Customized PIN product, specifically designed to integrate with the existing machinery:

The PIN is equipped with a recessed connector that improves its protection in work environments where there is a high probability of impacts. Additionally, a 20-meter cable was included to ensure a direct connection to the control cabin, avoiding intermediate connections to improve reliability:

Mounted on Hydraulic Grapple

After manufacture and verification, the pins were sent and mounted on the backhoes. The tests confirmed the effectiveness of the system. According to the feedback received, the costumer is very satisfied with the result obtained, highlighting the positive impact on their productivity. Here we provide a video of their impressions:

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