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Filling Metal Powder For 3D Printing

Filling Metal Powder For 3D Printing
26 Jul 2022  |
SMS group GmbH approached SSB Wägetechnik GmbH with the following requirements: A solution was sought for the filling and weighing of high-quality metal powders, which are used, among other things, for further additive manufacturing in 3D printing.

The solution: The BE 50 from SSB is a semi-automatic scale (gross scale) for filling metal powders into designated containers with insert bags. In accordance with the German calibration law and in compliance with the relevant safety standards, we have developed, manufactured, tested and documented a weighing system that meets the highest accuracy requirements.

Thus, the customer has received a suitable filling and weighing solution from SSB and can now fill the metal powder pure and clean into the suitable drums and store it temporarily.

The SMS group is a group of internationally active companies in plant and mechanical engineering for the steel and non-ferrous metals industry. The SMS group has produced a large number of components from plastic or metal using 3D printing. This innovative solution is not only significantly more cost-effective for plant operators, it enables fast and tool-free production as well as the optimized design of individual components and prototypes. In additive manufacturing (AF) – or additive manufacturing (AM) – components are created using a 3D printer based on digital design data through a layer-by-layer material buildup. The materials currently used in the 3D printer are metals, special plastics and synthetic resins, and ceramics.

SSB Weighing Technology has been involved in bagging, weighing and control technology for over 30 years, implementing a wide variety of projects for different industries and customers and is an absolutely reliable partner to these requirements.

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