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SWIFT, the Innovative UTILCELL Solution for Static And Dynamic Weighing Applications

SWIFT, the Innovative UTILCELL Solution for Static And Dynamic Weighing Applications
7 Jun 2024  |
The SWIFT solution from UTILCELL stands out as a leading market option, offering a unique combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility to meet the most demanding industry requirements. With its wide range of features and significant innovation, UTILCELL's SWIFT is positioned as the best choice for optimizing industrial processes and ensuring efficiency and quality at every stage of the process.

In an era where companies must not only outperform and provide better service than their local rivals, but also stand out against companies located anywhere in the world, the industrial sector is in a technological race seeking every competitive edge to excel in an increasingly globalized market. Achieving the slightest optimization in their processes can significantly determine their future.

SWIFT, the Innovative Solution from UTILCELL for Static and Dynamic Weighing Applications

In this context, the SWIFT solution manufactured by UTILCELL emerges as the leading market option for High-Speed Weighing Indicators and Transmitters. With more 40 years of experience in the sector, UTILCELL has established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of load cells, ensuring the quality and reliability of its products.

A successful track record of innovation and design highlights their SWIFT solution, with more 10 years on the market. This device is specially designed for static and dynamic weighing applications in industrial processes and machinery. Its versatility is evident in its various versions for DIN rail or panel mounting, making it adaptable to a wide variety of industrial environments.

At the Technological Forefront of the Industry

UTILCELL’s SWIFT High Speed Weighing Indicator and Transmitter is easy to configure and adjust, allowing quick adaptation to the specific needs of each application. Whether through the integrated keyboard or via a PC interface, the configuration process is intuitive and efficient, ensuring a hassle-free startup.

Regarding measurement accuracy, which is crucial in industrial environments, SWIFT offers several calibration options to ensure accurate results. With the ability to calibrate with masses or in mV/V, the device guarantees accurate and consistent measurements, even without the need for additional masses, simplifying and speeding up the installation process.

In addition, to adapt to different conditions and requirements of industrial processes, SWIFT is equipped with various selectable digital filters. This allows adjusting the device’s sensitivity according to the specific needs of each application, ensuring stable and accurate measurements even in environments with movements or vibrations.

Finally, flexibility is key in changing industrial environments, and SWIFT offers multiple connectivity options to adapt to different systems and communication protocols. With options like RS-232, RS-485 (Proprietary Protocol, Modbus RTU, and ASCII), and additional possibilities such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, or Ethernet/IP, the device ensures seamless integration into a wide variety of industrial environments.

A number of features backed by a device equipped with:

  • 6-digit LED display, high resolution, and reading speed of 2400 readings per second.
  • Configurable analog output with galvanic isolation and optoisolated digital inputs and relay outputs for greater safety and reliability.
  • DIN rail or panel mounting to adapt to different installation requirements.
  • External power supply of 10-28 V DC for greater flexibility in electrical supply.

For all these reasons, UTILCELL’s SWIFT can respond to any weighing and measurement application in a wide variety of industries and processes, including weighing and level measurement in tanks and silos, dosing and filling machinery, check-weighers, animal weighing scales, testing machinery, horticultural sorting scales, multi-head scales, truck scales, etc. With versatility and precision that make it the ideal solution for modern industrial environments.

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