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Digital Weighing Solutions With an intelligent Setup

Digital weighing solutions with intelligent setup
29 Apr 2020  |
Eilersen Electric Digital Systems A/S in Kokkedal, Denmark is launching updated intelligent instrumentation that further enhances the benefits of using a complete digital measurement chain based on digital load cells.

The fully digital weighing terminal type 5024G is the first product to be released with the newly developed intelligent setup function.

The 5024G weighing terminal communicates directly with Eilersen digital load cells and is controlled via the capacitive touch keyboard. This ensures a measuring chain with no loss of accuracy, and the touch keyboard is highly resistant to wear, even in harsh industrial environments.

The intelligent setup ensures correct and quick commissioning

The new intelligent setup feature can be used during installation and commissioning of the weighing system, and automatically makes suggestions for the configuration of the various technical weighing parameters to help ensure the correct and quick installation of the weighing system.

On the initial start-up of the weighing system, the user is guided through a number of parameters to set up the system. As the entire weighing system has built-in intelligence with automatic recognition of e.g. the number of load cells, the weighing range, and suggestions for scaling and division, most parameters only require the default suggestions to be approved.

The intelligent set up eliminates the use of time-consuming installation instructions, manuals, and descriptions for standard applications. This again reduces both time spent and the risk of errors in the configuration of the weighing system.  

In addition to the above parameters, the weighing terminal will also provide suggestions and information for the following: Measuring time and filter setting for optimizing the performance of the weighing system, stability limit and zero trackings, system calibration and corner calibration, linearization, as well as diagnostics and serial no., etc., on all connected load cells.

Advantages of a fully digital measuring chain

The instrumentation’s built-in digital interface for all common Fieldbus protocols makes it possible to build a fully digital measurement chain that allows for the collection of weighing data for each load cell. One advantage of using a digital measuring chain is that the communication is not sensitive to electrical noise, as is often seen with analog signals.

The new intelligent setup feature is available for many different weighing applications e.g. filling, dosing, mixing, belt scales, loss-in-weight, check to weigh, and crane scales, but can be used for all weighing applications and in all industries where optimal commissioning and high uptime is important.

Furthermore, Eilersen can offer the development of customized weighing software for projects that cannot be solved with a wide range of standard software.

Configurable and flexible instrumentation

As standard, the Eilersen weighing terminal type 5024G is offered with EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and serial RS485 interfaces, as well as analog 4-20mA output, but can optionally be extended with Profibus DP and PROFINET interface for communication with PLC, PC, and peripheral equipment like printers, barcode readers, etc.

All functions are easily controlled through the graphic high contrast display and the capacitive touch keys. As standard, the weighing terminal comes equipped with an alibi function and 4 configurable 24Vdc I/O.

Another new feature, which is particularly useful for mobile weighing systems that are moved between different locations, is that the weighing terminal and the load cells can be equipped with a battery power supply that will keep the system running for an extended period of time.

The weighing terminal is assembled, tested, and configured at the Eilersen facilities in Denmark and comes ready for panel mounting or, optionally, mounted in a stainless steel enclosure.

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