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Ajax Equipment Develops Hybrid Mixers for Global Chocolate Producers

Ajax Equipment Develops Hybrid Mixers for Global Chocolate Producers
10 Nov 2022  |
Solids handling equipment specialist, Ajax Equipment, has developed and supplied a leading global confectionary producer with two heated mixers on mobile frames for chocolate production. While designed for continuous production, the mixer can switch to ‘batch mode’ and hold some of the chocolate mix should a manufacturing hold-up issue occur further along the line. 

The stainless steel mixers feature Lynflow™ paddle flights to provide efficient though gentle mixing of chocolate and a variety of inclusions. While the casing’s hot water jacket maintains material temperature, ensuring consistent ingredient condition and thorough mixing. To maintain the condition of any chocolate and inclusions held in ‘batch mode’ the mixing screw has been designed to run in both directions enabling the ingredients to kept moving and in optimum condition for when production is able to resume.  

To assist hygienic and agile food production, the mixers are mounted on mobile frames allowing each machine to be moved to and from the line. The casings include a polished ‘crack and crevice free’ finish denying the material opportunity to build-up. To further facilitate the machine’s ease of cleaning the mixers’ casing is also able to hold water, allowing the machine to be filled and run.

“Ajax has continually developed a range of mixer features over 50 years to deliver a safe and high quality product as easy as possible,” says Eddie McGee, managing director, Ajax Equipment. “The latest, a hybrid continuous / batch mixer, allows greater manufacturing flexibility without any compromise on product quality.”

Effective Confectionery Mixing

On why continuous mixers are frequently selected for confectionery production, Ajax’s Eddie McGee commented, “Continuous mixers are ideal for producing a variety of food products including cereal bars and chocolate. Ajax’s mixers provide the right balance between work input and maintaining the condition of ingredients such as puffed rice and oats when mixing with syrups and pastes.”

“Many ingredients commonly used in confectionery production are sticky and, when left to their own devices, prone to build-up. Ajax’s Lynflow™ flights are designed to prevent this, which when combined with a specially designed internal profile minimises material build-up and reduces the need for downtime for cleaning.”

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