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Revolutionizing Automated Ingredient Handling

Revolutionizing Automated Ingredient Handling
9 Jul 2024  |
The future of the food industry is marked by heightened quality standards like eliminating cross-contaminations and increased hygienic requirements whilst optimizing performance. Daxner's DCS system provides great advantages in the automated handling of ingredients.

Daxner’s versatile technology offers various approaches, from three-dimensional crane systems to laser-guided AGVs, facilitating fully automated batch collection into batch containers. The robust Daxner Container Systems seamlessly combine high performance, flexibility and hygienic design for the storage, handling, transport and mixing of ingredients.

Efficiency redefined with Daxner container systems

Fully automated container systems guarantee high throughput, precise dosing, and allergen-free component handling. Swift product and batch changes with minimal effort, along with CIP or COP cleaning systems, reduce cleaning durations and effort, maximizing plant availability. Emphasis on avoiding cross-contamination ensures the highest product quality and safety. Stay ahead with Daxner’s easy-to-clean and robust container systems, designed for precision and hygienic standards, and our DCS collection systems, ensuring efficient and allergen-free component handling.

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