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Revolutionizing High-Precision Screening: RHElite

Revolutionizing High-Precision Screening: RHElite
4 Jul 2024  |
Announcing the launch of our latest innovation, the RHElite high-precision screen, a groundbreaking solution designed for the most demanding industrial applications. Engineered with a perfect blend of steel and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP), the RHElite sets new standards in the screening of finest high-end products.

How is it possible to build such a machine? Due to the anisotropic behavior of certain types of GFK (glass-fiber-reinforced plastic), where mechanical properties such as strength and stiffness vary depending on the direction, the machine can be specifically optimized for certain load directions. This allows for more efficient and targeted use of materials.

Optimized for Unmatched Precision Screening

The RHElite is engineered to perform with unparalleled precision, making it the top choice for the screening of the finest high-end products. Its advanced technology ensures sharper separation of fine particles, significantly enhancing the quality of your output. The sophisticated design and superior performance of the RHElite outpace traditional models, offering a more energy-efficient solution that meets the rigorous demands of modern industry.

Advanced Features for Superior Performance:

  • Optimized for Precision: Tailored to excel in fine particle separation, the RHElite ensures that the quality of your output is nothing short of exceptional
  • Advanced Lightweight Design: Incorporating CFRP, the machine offers an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces energy usage and eases the installation and relocation processes
  • Enhanced Load Capacity: Capable of managing higher loads effectively, the RHElite boosts throughput and overall performance
  • Hybrid Construction: The combination of steel and CFRP provides a durable yet lightweight structure, ensuring reliability and longevity
  • Eco-Friendly Efficiency: With its design focused on lower power consumption, the RHElite supports your sustainable operational goals and reduces environmental impact

The RHElite is perfect for industries that require the highest level of precision and reliability, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and specialized manufacturing. Enhance your operational capabilities and step into the future of industrial screening with the RHElite—where innovation meets efficiency.

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