An Integrated Turn-Key Premix Material Factory for Bakery & Confectionery Market

An Integrated Turn-Key Premix Material Factory for Bakery & Confectionery Market

The project has been designed by a team of Acmon Group engineers, in accordance with the strictest requirements of the Zeelandia group. The aim has been the creation of a vertical configuration solution with two brand new production lines, their functional integration with the (fully modernised) existing equipment, as well as the design and operation of a Full Process Control end-to-end system to be used in the plant..

The project in points:

Design and implementation of explosion protection systems in order to manage potential explosive materials in accordance with the ATEX directives.

Special design enabling easy access to machinery, as well as quick and easy cleaning, according to the relevant highly demanding hygiene standards.

Dedusting systems that ensure a hygienic operating environment at all stages of production.

Management of an extensive range of powder & flake materials (pre-stored materials, big bags & small ingredients) and handling using in-line vibrating sieves, magnets and entoleters.

Bag receipt and handling lines, including multiple bagging machines and a pallet system with an integrated weighing and disposal station and Mettler Toledo metal detectors. Full TracePro connection that guarantees the high quality and safety of the finished product.

Automatic 3-line pallet system with a capacity of 600 bags/hour and a 4-axis KUKA robotic arm. A special clamp that can receive both the empty pallet and the cardboard tray at the base of the pallet.

Automated pallet wrapping line equipped with a pallet wrapping machine.

Handling of the final pallet and delivery to the warehouse area, at an elevated location, using an industrial pallet lift.


Receipt, identification and management of the raw material and packaging material warehouse.

The collection of raw material is performed according to the production order, with simultaneous weighing and execution of the recipe with automatic dosing, in accordance with the specifications of the material.

Material collection, weighing and recording is implemented using tablets and the operator receives real-time notifications of the quantities of material required for each batch.

An Integrated Turn-Key Premix Material Factory for Bakery & Confectionery Market

Product safety and quality is ensured thanks to Mettler Toledo metal detectors and weight controllers that are connected to TracePro.

At the end of the line, automated printing and labeling systems controlled by TracePro print and attach labels on cartons and pallets to enable the marking and identification of the finished product.

Complete management of the finished product warehouse (receipt, storage, order execution, loading) at the main facilities as well as the two branches of SEFCO Zeelandia.

TracePro provides centralised production control and warehouse management, ensuring end-to-end traceability.

The project was designed and completed by the three companies of the Acmon Group, each of which is specialised in its respective field, in accordance with the HACCP & ISO standards for food processing plants.

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