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For a Good Beer: Weighing of Malt in Georgia

1 Oct 2019  |
Malt determines the character of the beer and beer does not only taste good in Germany. Also in Georgia the precious amber fluid is very favored.

The JSC ARGO Brewery in Georgia brews the brand of beer “König Pilsener”(belongs to the ‘Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH’) under license. The demand for this beer is increasing and this required a fundamental overhaul of the machine equipment at the ARGO Brewery. HanseBev Ltd. from Hamburg was responsible for the planning and implementation of plant retrofitting. They work for the ‘Bitburger Braugruppe’ as Licence Consultant. MTS MessTechnik Sauerland GmbH was given the order for the weighing technology part.

Impact scale ImpactWeigh with a separate product and measuring chamber

But license, or not –it depends on the malt. Malt decides on the taste, color and strength of the beer. At the beginning of every brewing process, the barley malt must be crushed. By crushing, the barley grain is used for the subsequent brewing process, so that the strength of the malt can be converted into sugar in the brewing process.

In this process, it is very important to know how much malt has been crushed. Therefore, the malt must be weighed. For weighing the malt, it is optimal to use an impact scale, because the malt itself, as well as the production process, fulfill all requirements for use.

Impact scales continuously weigh bulk materials in vertical process routes. The bulk material falls onto the impact plate and the generated force is detected by a load cell. If using an impact scale, it is important to have a defined infeed of the bulk material, e.g. as in the brewery by a screw conveyor. The structure and flowability of the bulk material are also important parameters in the decision for an impact scale. The malt is dry, homogeneous in structure and bulk density as well as free-flowing. Due to the slight abrasiveness of malt, the impact scale is additionally equipped with a wear protection plate.

Further advantages for the use of an impact scale:

MTS impact scale ImpactWeigh for weighing of malt
  • Impact scales are quick and easy to install and can also be retrofitted.
  • The compact dimension of the scale allows the installation even in confined spaces.
  • The simple mechanical construction ensures almost maintenance-free operation.
  • The scales work reliably and weigh long-term stable with a measuring error of +/- 1 to 2 %.
  • The scales offer a good price-performance ratio compared to other weighing systems with comparable throughputs.
  • The impact scale can be equipped with a static testing device. So, the measurement accuracy can be checked easily and quickly.

An impact scale from Germany is now working in Georgia: the ImpactWeigh 25 in combination with the control unit ModWeigh PPW ensures a reliable and exact weighing of malt within the conveying process to the malt hopper. Conclusion: Another case for the impact scale ImpactWeigh is safely solved.

Conclusion: Another case for the impact scale ImpactWeigh is safely solved.

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