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From Poultry Slaughterhouse By-Products to Proteins by Using Screw Feeders

2 Mar 2022  |
After a damaging factory fire in 2019, Noblesse Proteins BV decided to rebuild a more efficient and innovative processing plant for the production of proteins. By installing Jansen&Heuning screw conveyors, Noblesse was able to increase the production capacity and make more efficient use of the storage volume.

Noblesse Proteins BV produces poultry category 3 proteins and fats from 100% poultry slaughterhouse offal. By-products coming from local slaughterhouses are blood meal, meat meal, and feather meal. These products are later used as primary ingredients for pet food, aquafeed, animal feed, biofuel, and fertilizer markets.

Storage and transshipment of feather, meat, and blood meal with screw feeders

In 2019 Noblesse Proteins BV experienced a fire, which led to a lot of damage to the factory. However, this unfortunate event allowed Noblesse Proteins to rebuild a more efficient and innovative processing plant and have a fresh start.

During the rebuilding phase, Jansen&Heuning was responsible for improving the production site in terms of storage and loading. It was important to increase efficiency and achieve the highest quality standard. Jansen&Heuning engineers studied the logistic processes of blood meal, meat meal, and feather meal. Contamination among other things had to be taken into account. One of the major improvements in the factory was Jansen&Heuning idea to adapt the screw feeders with inclined pitch. The new feeder allows the flour product to flow faster, keep up the desired pace and use the increased capacity volume as optimally as possible.

For the Noblesse project, applying an inclined pitch was crucial. A specific problem with conventional screw configuration is the building of pressure at the outer side of the silo. This will cause a lot of friction and will have an extra demand on the power of the drive. With the inclined pitch, when emptying silos with products like meals, the material is taken over the full length of the screw conveyor. It helps to avoid bridge building.

Also, Jansen&Heuning supplied a loading line with mobile screw feeders and loading bellows for filling the open lorries and tanker lorries. This system increased efficiency significantly, allowing trucks to be loaded with a capacity of around 60 tons per hour.

Sophisticated engineering solutions provided by Jansen&Heuning accelerated and optimized the logistical handling of the difficult-flowing protein products. The newly built Noblesse Proteins facility started production again in June 2020 and was working at full capacity within three months.

About Jansen&Heuning feeders

Jansen&Heuning produces almost all types of bulk handling feeders. Three different types of solid feeders are suitable as a feeder/dosing system: belt conveyors, chain conveyors, and screw conveyors. Such conveyors can dose powder, granular, and other bulk solid materials into a process line or to and from process units, storage bins, conveyors, and product packaging. Besides that, feeders can serve to break down clumps or arches to allow a more uniform distribution of the material.

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