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Gericke Engineering Teams: Expertise For You!

Gericke Engineering Teams: Expertise For You!
28 Jun 2023  |

When looking for an engineering company, it is often not so easy to find a suitable company to supply you with a complete new production line or equipment. You want an experienced partner who has excellent process engineering knowledge, designs new innovative solutions and is prepared to take care of financial details and schedule. Each member of a project team at Gericke specializes in different areas and has unique qualities in the development, management and realization of a project.

The following example illustrates the added value that an experienced engineering team can achieve:

A client needs to replace a silo in an existing plant due to contamination risks, improve safety facilities and increase production capacity at the same time. Gericke’s project teams combine different disciplines so that planning can be comprehensive. In addition to project management, it includes process engineering design, mechanical and electrical design, aspects of occupational safety and explosion protection, documentation, spare parts concept, installation supervision and commissioning.  These tasks require a lot of prior knowledge and practical experience in order to meet the customer’s requirements within the desired time frame. What are the most important points that contributed to a successful result?

High-precision measurements on site, especially when expanding an existing plant. This project required the replacement of two silos, each with a capacity of 90 m3, the expansion of the transport equipment from one to two transport screws per silo and the installation of stainless steel piping. All components had to be accommodated in the existing footprint and connected to the existing equipment. Gericke’s mechanical and process engineers provided detailed 3D drawings and product specifications to ensure everything was accurately prepared for installation.

Managing the installation and commissioning on site within a 3-week production stop.

To reduce installation time, Gericke uses semi-assembled plant components. They are built in halls next to the installation site. This is more cost-effective for the customer as it results in less downtime on site. Gericke engineers take care of all transport, external installation personnel, construction and safety requirements – all in cooperation with the customer to ensure that internal guidelines are met. With 3D scanning and design software, Gericke can use images from the existing space and incorporate the new technology.

Other aspects were integrated into the solution:

  • Because the product is highly flammable, spark detection and a shut-off valve were incorporated into the system.
  • The previous system required manual intervention to discharge the product from the silos. Gericke has automated this with diverter valves so that manual work is no longer required.
  • An important technical task was to reduce the source of contamination.
  • Flexible piping was removed due to hygiene requirements and replaced with stainless steel pipes.
  • Detailed documentation and certificates were provided.
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