Integrated High Containment Bulk Handling Technologies

Dec solutions cover the full range of process disciplines and challenges involved in high containment pharmaceutical and fine chemicals manufacturing with a portfolio of complementary and integrated proprietary technologies, many of which are multi-role addressing more than one need.


Dec systems, also available for aseptic operation, allow users to handle highly toxic or flammable powder, achieving MIE below 1 mJ. These solutions include:

  • PTS Powder Transfer System®: Dec’s technology that uses a combination of pressure and vacuum to carry out dense phase conveying with very high efficiency and safety
  • PFL Powderflex: Continuous conveying and dosing
  • Transbatch: Transfer of granules and flakes
  • Microdosing: MPTS and µPTS systems for transferring and dosing micro-scale quantities of powder

Bulk Materials Handling

Dec’s various bulk materials handling systems meet many customer requirements to fill and discharge any type of container, including bags, drums, and big bags while conforming to containment levels from OEB 1 to OEB 6. These modular solutions are perfectly adapted to a range of hard to handle agglomerated, toxic, hygroscopic, wet, or inflammable materials.

  • Big Bag Handling: Big bag filling and discharging stations with docking systems and accessories
  • Bag / Drum Handling: Filling and emptying systems, sack cabinet, Continuous Liner System, DCS® and other drum containment systems
  • IBC Handling: Container filling and discharge stations with accessories
  • Toxic Liquids Handling: Safe handling of toxic and corrosive liquids with systems for filling and emptying drums
  • Contained Bulk Handling: High containment handling systems with rigid and flexible wall isolators, the Iso and DCS® ranges

Dosing / Dispensing

From dosing powders into reactors in API facilities, dispensing powder into IBCs in OSD manufacturing plants to final packaging into liners or vials, Dec has developed a portfolio of accurate dosing solutions for filling or emptying applications in batch or continuous operation across the whole range of scales from milligrams to tons. These are based on the three basic principles of volumetric (using a vacuum/pressure pre-chamber, gravimetric (using gravity), or combined volumetric/gravimetric filling where the initial process is gravimetric with final adjustment done volumetrically.

Dosing/dispensing technologies include:

  • Loss-in-Weight: Dosing by subtraction from drums and big bags
  • Positive Weighing: Drum and big bag filling systems
  • Continuous Dosing: Continuous conveying and dosing with PFL Powderflex
  • Microdosing: Ultra precise dosing devices for filling lines or continuous dosing for powders and liquids as well in case of dual-chamber prefilled syringes

The functionality of solids handling solutions can be extended and enhanced with accessories such as DosiValve® dispensing, AidFlow mechanical discharge device, Fluidization cone, or Vent filter breathing system.

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