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Introducing the Mid-Range piFLOW®fc vacuum Conveyor

24 Apr 2020  |

Chocolates, cookies, crisps and coffee but also certain chemicals – the piFLOW®fc vacuum conveyor handles all.

Perfect for vacuum conveying of food, but also chemicals that do not require the use of full acid resistant stainless steel, Piab’s new piFLOW®fc is a premium heavy duty vacuum conveyor. 

Introducing the Mid-Range piFLOW®fc vacuum Conveyor

Using the same design as the company’s premium range piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t conveyors, but in electropolished stainless steel (ASTM 304) rather than the acid resistant grade (ASTM 316L), piFLOW®fc serves manufacturers of, for instance, confectionary and baking goods, snacks, tea and coffee, pet food, nutraceuticals, detergents and batteries. 

Like all of Piab’s conveyors, piFLOW®fc offers a fully contained unit that enables toxic and allergenic powders to be transported without the risk of operators and the surrounding work environment being exposed to hazardous materials. 

Piab’s unique COAX® technology, used throughout the piFLOW® conveyor range, ensures that vacuum is created in the most energy and cost-effective way possible, and is only used when the pump is running. Automatic filter cleaning and an overall hygienic design make piFLOW®fc easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance. The conveyor complies with contact requirements according to FDA, EC No 1935/2004 and EC No 10/2011. 

Available in a wide capacity range from 3 to 33 litres per conveying cycle, up to 8 tons per hour, it offers high throughput with a small footprint.

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