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Explosion Isolation Valve EV-VF VigiFlap

The VigiFlap is an explosion isolation valve designed to prevent propagation of overpressure or flame front caused by an explosion downstream in vessels such as dust collectors, cyclones, and filters.

The valve is held open either by airflow or proprietary locking mechanism. As a result, the VigiFlap valve can be used as an explosion isolation device for both the inlet and outlet of a vessel.

The Vigiflap Explosion Isolation Valve has been tested and certified for installation in any position with the process pipe installed on up & downstream sides of the valve, simulating REAL WORLD CONDITIONS. The valve’s unique inlet & outlet “straight through” design ensures very low static resistance and reduces dust accumulation. It is designed for use on the inlet and outlet sides of a filter or vessel. The VigiFlap Explosion Isolation Valve also complies with NFPA guidelines and is an ATEX Certified device for the containment of explosions.

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