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The challenges our clients encounter every day are our challenges too. This is why Concetti has been producing customised automatic packaging solutions since 1975, allowing manufacturers to avail of concrete experience in the packaging of the most difficult materials.

Our expertise and passion “envelop” clients’ ideas, giving them form and dynamism, with machinery for weighing, bagging and palletising as well as reliable and durable complete lines which are technologically superior to the standard product.

We have been in the mechanical sector since 1918, when the head of the family, Domenico Concetti, opened a craft workshop in the Umbrian countryside, in central Italy, and began to produce agricultural equipment. It is in traditional know-how that our philosophy has its roots: a concept of industry which aims for innovation and research, flexible and able to respond to the demands of a competitive and evolved market.

All phases of design, development and production are carried out in a single site in Umbria, under the watchful eye of our engineers.

Every packaging solution is unique and customised, arising from a close collaboration with the client. Because our expertise is dedicated to improving your work.

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