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One Single Packing Line for Pre-Made and Tubular Bags

One Single Packing Line for Pre-Made and Tubular Bags
17 Feb 2020  |
Having reliable and versatile systems is the fundamental objective of each bulk material manufacturer, especially in a continuously evolving market like packaging, which is strongly affected by consumer habits.

Since 1975, Concetti has offered high-quality packaging and palletizing solutions, capable of adapting to multiple production needs.

The unique “IGF + FFS combo” automatic system is incredibly versatile and allows users to manage the two most popular types of flexible packaging for loose materials with a single machine: the pre-made open-mouth bag and bags formed from a tubular reel using Form, Fill & Seal (TFFS) technology. The “combo” concept guarantees direct producers or contractors, such as port service companies, for example, the ability to use both special packaging for premium products and more basic bags for wholesale customers. Bags suitable for traditional markets or for the most advanced international standards can be filled with products from the same feeding system, thanks to a single machine that exploits two different technologies in a compact arrangement. The machine can handle paper, plastic and laminated raffia bags, for the packaging of granular and / or dusty products, between 10 and 50 kg.

There are many opportunities to make the most of this technology.

“It is an extremely versatile machine, very interesting even at the beginning of the automation process to test a product on the market before purchasing a specialized packaging line” – explains Riccardo Concetti, sales director of Concetti SPA.

Concetti have supplied the “combo” plant for the fertilizer, salt, plastic granules, pet food, cereals and legumes industries.

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The challenges our clients encounter every day are our challenges too. This is why Concetti has been producing customised automatic packaging solutions since 1975, allowing manufacturers to avail of concrete experience in the packaging of...

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