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The increased production of milk powder is placing ever-increasing demand on powder quality and the need for higher levels of cleaning efficiency and hygiene in plants. The spray dry nozzle used, plays a critical role in achieving these gains.

To achieve gains in this process, Click&Dry  provide improved performance whilst being easy to clean. Click&Dry nozzles dramatically reduce build-up and deliver great gains in powder quality. Nozzles that are hard to clean due to their internal design, require significant time and human resource as well as being a source for contamination. Click&Dry nozzles have made cleaning and hygiene easier.

The Click&Dry system is designed with improved cleaning and maintenance in mind. With its smooth cap chamber technology, all Click&Dry spray dry nozzle caps do not use o-ring sealing grooves that can harbour contaminants.

Hygiene is improved with a totally smooth and easy to clean cap chamber design. Engineers at Spray Nozzle Engineering have perfected Click&Dry spray dry series to address all areas of performance including easier cleaning, productivity, powder quality, faster change-outs, reduced nozzle build-up, reduced scorched particles along with long-term cost savings. Spray nozzle engineering is so confident with the longevity of Click&Dry products, that when operated within the terms of supply, they are the first in the world to offer a replacement guarantee on key components.

Click&Dry has improved many New Zealand, Australian and worldwide dairy plants, let them find a custom solution for you.

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