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Keeping High Hygiene Standards when Spray Drying Powders

3 Apr 2020  |
Spray nozzle technology in commercial spray dryer plants is complex because the spray nozzles must work at very high-pressure levels within explosive powder zones.

The quality of the powder is paramount and is subject to hygienic standards requirements. 

But traditional spray drying nozzles make it challenging to maintain high food hygiene standards because they’re so tough to clean properly. The O-ring grooves inside the nozzle cap of conventional nozzles are difficult to access and can pose a real hygiene problem when contaminants gather and build up in corners and other places that are tricky to reach. While the build-up inside a nozzle cap is a problem in itself, the fact that it’s so difficult to access for cleaning makes this a two-fold problem.

Cause of Problem: Nozzle O-ring Groove Design

Cleaning traditional spray nozzles is difficult due to the o-ring groove inside the cap. Conventional cap chamber design has tight and out-of-reach corners that harbor unreachable contaminants

Solution: Hygiene and Clean Easy Nozzle

Click&Dry™ caps are designed to be easy to clean and produce higher hygienic results. With a smooth internal profile, the spray dry industry can now reach a new level of hygiene with increased ease. Click&Dry smooth bore design improves cleaning and hygiene

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The increased production of milk powder is placing ever-increasing demand on powder quality and the need for higher levels of cleaning efficiency and hygiene in plants. The spray dry nozzle used, plays a critical role...

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