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Low-Quality Powder and Powder Consistency Issues when Spray Drying Powders

4 Feb 2020  |
Low-quality powder and powder consistency are some of the most significant problems when spray drying powders. Watch the video or read below to find out more about how to address this issue.

Cause of Problem: Product Build Up

Build-up may be due to dryer configuration, use of wider spray angles and powder formulation, but in many cases, it’s the nozzle design. Product build-up drips on the chamber and becomes scorched particle deposits that compromise powder quality.

Solution: Flat Cap Profile

Click&Dry™ flat cap design provides a lower outer face profile greatly reducing build-up. Studies performed in New Zealand show that chambers using Click&Dry technology produce powders with 20% less build-up than any other spray dry nozzle. This is achieved by moving the o-rings into the disc orifice.

Cause of Problem: Wear Part Misalignments

Traditional nozzle designs have misalignments between the swirl chamber and orifice. Decentralized parts create inconsistent spray performance and affect the powder quality through all drying operations.

Solution: Concentric Clasp Technology Increases Spray Performance

Click&Dry™ nozzles align wear parts to produce a uniform spray pattern across all lance sets. Achieving better performance and powder consistency. Pressure – flow is consistent – outcome predictable.

Find out more about low-quality powder issues when spray drying here

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The increased production of milk powder is placing ever-increasing demand on powder quality and the need for higher levels of cleaning efficiency and hygiene in plants. The spray dry nozzle used, plays a critical role...

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