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Batch Mixer Line Features New Drive System to Save Energy

Batch Mixer Line Features New Drive System to Save Energy
10 Oct 2023  |
Batch mixers in the GMS Multiflux® line from process equipment manufacturer Gericke USA, Somerset, NJ, include an upgraded, new drive system as standard. Specified to reduce energy consumption and cut electricity costs, the new drive system features a permanent magnet motor that improves efficiency by 12 percent versus the previous asynchronous motor when operated with frequent stops and starts typical of batch mixing. When given extended mixing times and less typical mixing applications, the new, “ultra-premium efficiency” (IE5) motor improves efficiency by nearly six percent for significant energy savings that add up quickly over time.

Designed for food, nutrition, chemical, and other manufacturers concerned with rising energy costs and sustainable production, the new drive system operates at a wide range of speeds while maintaining the same torque for consistent mixing with a wide range of materials and ingredients. The new system also reduces noise emissions for quieter operation, even during startup.

The GMS Multiflux mixer line is known for its proprietary, horizontal double rotor design that quickly and gently combines multiple powders and liquids in a homogeneous mixture within 30 seconds. The mixers integrate easily into fully automated operations and are compatible with Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things standards for fast installation and startup. Testing is offered in the company’s New Jersey test laboratory.

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