New Lump Breaker Product From Marion Process Solutions

New Lump Breaker Product From Marion Process Solutions
26 Feb 2021  |
Marion Process Solutions, an innovative process solution provider who has been serving companies in emerging markets since 1938, announces the expansion of its product offering with a new Momentum Series product, Lump Breaker.

The Lump Breaker expands Marion’s Momentum Series product line, joining the October 2020 launch of a fluidizing paddle mixer, V cone blender, and double-cone blender.  

The Momentum Series Lump Breaker mechanically breaks down agglomerates and clumps for further processing. This mixer is ideal for chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical applications where breaking down material to a granular size is appropriate. 

 Benefits of this new mixer include: 

  • Robust design for long lifetime with replaceable gaskets, screens, and seals 
  • Multiple mesh sizes available for different particle size-reduction requirements 
  • Minimization of material loss and increased safety with dust-tight hatches 
  • Customizable options such as side hatches, loading hoppers and floor stands  
  • Narrow particle size distribution with minimal generation of fines 
  • High-capacity size-reduction 
  • Compact and robust design 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Easy to clean, with a cantilevered shaft, easy to change screens and easy access 

Marion’s new Momentum Series products are precision built in the United States, handcrafted by Marion’s expert team to meet the exact specifications of each customer. 

“We are excited to expand the range of Marion’s products with the new Lump Breaker,” said Lee Eilers, president of Marion Process Solutions. “As the mixing and blending leader in the powder bulk solids arena, we continue to leverage Marion’s design and engineering prowess to create momentum for our customers as they continue to grow and prosper.” 

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