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New Siwertell Ship Unloader Ordered to Double Cement Handling Capacity in Kuwaiti Port

22 Nov 2021  |
Bruks Siwertell has won a new order from returning customer, Kuwait Portland Cement Co, for an ST 490-M Siwertell ship unloader, equipped with a new side tilt motion for enhanced through-ship efficiency.

It will join another cement handling Siwertell ship unloader in Shuaiba Port, Kuwait City, Kuwait, which has been securing environment-friendly material handling for the operator for over two decades.

“Kuwait Portland Cement has benefited from 20 years of experience using our Siwertell screw-type technology,” says Peter Göransson, Sales Manager, Bruks Siwertell. “It knows what our unloaders deliver; time and again the technology has proven its capabilities, demonstrating reliability, efficiency, and environmental protection in terms of emissions and noise.

“In fact, the main reason why the operator returned for a second unit is the outstanding operational performance of its original delivery,” continues Göransson. “Our ongoing service support, along with Bruks Siwertell’s through-life commitment to maintenance and spare parts were other major deciding factors.”

The new unloader will deliver even higher levels of performance and through-ship efficiency to Kuwait Portland Cement. “It features a new side tilt motion, which offers an enhanced reach into the corners of the cargo hold as well as under the hatch coamings,” he adds. “As a result, less material is left for the clean-up phase, which reduces vessel turnaround times, raising the utilization rate of the jetty and therefore profitability. 

“Also, all Siwertell unloaders offer a layer-by-layer unloading process, which minimizes the chance of airborne emissions from avalanches in the cargo hold. The side tilt function adds to this capability,” Göransson notes. 

“The new unloader is part of the operator’s long-term vision. It has been designed as a fully assembled, heavy-lift mode delivery, but will actually be transported in break bulk,” he explains. “This enables it to be relocated, fully assembled, to a new location should the customer wish to do so in the future, minimizing any transition downtime.”

Planned for delivery to the port in mid-2023, the rail-mounted unit will handle various cement types and deliver a continuous material handling capacity of 800t/h, discharging vessels up 50,000 dwt. It will be installed on an existing jetty next to the operator’s older ST 490-F, rail-mounted Siwertell unloader. 

Both the current and new unloader will be equipped with a total capacity regulating system, maximizing the use of each unit, but ensuring that they do not overfill the downstream conveying system. They can also directly discharge bulk trucks via a truck loading arrangement underneath the ship unloader’s gantry. 

“The new unloader is equipped with two out-loading units,” says Göransson. “This is a great asset, delivering increased redundancy and ensuring that any demurrage costs are kept to a minimum if there is an issue with the downstream conveying system.”

Like its predecessor, the new unloader is also designed to operate in Kuwait’s extreme climate. To accommodate predicted temperature rises in the region, the latest unit can withstand ambient summertime temperatures of up to 55 degrees Celsius.

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