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The Importance of the Custom Manufacturing in Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment

17 Sep 2020  |
The handling of bulk solids, especially aggregates and other hard minerals requires highly robust and reliable conveyor equipment.

Its 100% tailor-made manufacturing is the most recommended in this sector to offer to the engineering companies the most suitable components and features for the user’s working conditions and ensure maximum performance and return on investment.

Total adaptation to customer needs means, not only maximum reliability conveyors to reduce facilities downtime, but also the maintenance costs by assembling top quality brands preferred by the user which are freely accessible in the market, as is the case of motor-reducers, bearings, or instrumentation (motion, temperature, deviations sensors).

Having proven experience and references, as well as a test bench for testing the behavior of the client’s material, will help the success in the design of the conveyor to be manufactured.

At the same time, when handling solids, there may be anomalous behavior of the product, such as unforeseen humidity, entry of foreign objects, batches from different sources, voltage drops in the facilities. To avoid stops in the work process, the conveyors must be designed with power characteristics that offer reliability even in these initially unforeseen situations. Although the power offered by a motor includes a safety margin with respect to the performance calculated for the installation, in the case of a very tight design, it is more advisable to incorporate a higher power that ensures maximum operation in the event of the need to start in unexpected stops.

At SINFIMASA with 40 years of experience and hundreds of references, we test samples of customer’s products on our own test bench to design the most appropriate and reliable conveyor for each situation, including ATEX explosive environments (dust and gas).

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