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Turnkey Solutions for Extrusion Lines

Turnkey Solutions for Extrusion Lines
18 Dec 2019  |
Polimak has succesfully finished a polyethylene handling project for a global composite manufacturer.

Client’s demand was to achieve a seamless bulk material handling solution from raw material delivery to feeding of production line. Turnkey project incorporates automatic sack discharging system, pneumatic conveying system, stainless steel storage silos and extruder feeding system. All components of the system were controlled from a central PLC system for fully automatic operation.

The core component of the project was automatic bag discharge system which enables bulk materials coming from sacks to be unloaded in an efficient and safe way saving manpower, time and operational costs. 15 to 50 kg bags on plastic or wooden pallets are placed on belt conveyor of the system together with pallet by forklift. Conveyor moves the pallet to the bag lifting unit. The automatic gripping system grips the bags on the top with pneumatically driven claws. And moves them horizontally towards the rotating cutting disks. Bags are cut and contents are discharged downwoards. A mechanical shaking unit shakes the bags to ensure that they are completely emptied. Empty bags left on the shaker bars are thrown into the waste bag cage by the sweep arms and compacted by bag compacting unit for simpler handling. Bulk material is then transferred to storage silos by pneumatic conveying system.

Two stainless steel silos with 100 tons of capacity are used for temporary storage of PE pellets. Another pneumatic conveying system is used for transferring pellets to extruding line whenever needed. System is designed to keep extruder hopper allways full with extensive range of safety functionality. All critical components are continously monitored to provide uninterrupted service which is an important factor in extrusion lines.

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