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Cimbria's Financing Solutions Support Growth for Customers

Cimbria's Financing Solutions Support Growth for Customers
2 Feb 2023  |
Cimbria’s strategic focus on financing solutions support development for customers and create a competitive edge. The collaboration with national Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) enables Cimbria to help customers realize their investment plans for both turnkey solutions and single equipment within industrial processing, handling, and storage, which are becoming more relevant in unsettled times.

Purchasing new equipment and solutions for processing, handling, and storage of grain and seed, as well as coffee, animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products is a big investment, and some companies and organizations may require assistance with funding.

With its constant focus on customer needs, Cimbria has developed a new, structured approach to financing solutions that’s tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Cimbria Financing is a key service offer and an important part of the company’s customer focused sales strategy:

– With an ever-changing market situation, financing big investments can be extra challenging. Investments in projects and equipment to secure food supply are crucial, and the realization of them depends on the possibility of finding suitable financing, explains Allan Olsen, Trade Finance Manager, Cimbria. He continues:

– Our financing solutions are tailored for the customer’s specific business requirements and often offer lower costs and better conditions than what is locally available from banks and financing institutes. Our down-payment requirements are also attractive. Furthermore, an easy and fast decision process and generally low documentation requirements make up the customer’s most important advantages.

Cimbria's Financing Solutions Support Growth for Customers
Cimbria's Financing Solutions Support Growth for Customers

Cimbria bases its financing solutions on a collaboration with national Export Credit Agencies (ECAs), whose main purpose is to secure and develop national jobs through funding of promising projects and solutions. As a part of AGCO Corporation, Cimbria also offers financing solutions through AGCO Finance.

– In general, we experience an increasing demand for financial support. In these unsettled times with high inflation and unstable economic development, customers must be able to achieve low-risk financing that enable investments in new equipment or even in complete plants to grow their business, explains Thomas Mohr, Sales Director, Cimbria.

One of the projects benefitting from Cimbria Financing includes UMEX, a leading port operator and logistics expert in the Romanian Port of Constanta, which is one of the most important and traffic-heavy transhipment hubs for the Greater Black Sea region. The project consists of two grain and fertilizer terminals. The grain terminal has 100,000 tons of storage capacity across eight separate silos and the fertilizer terminal is a multifunctional warehouse capable of handling and storing up to 66,000 tons of bulk fertilizers.  

– We identified three main benefits in choosing financing from an ECA via Cimbria compared to other financing solutions. First, we were offered a longer availability and repayment period. Second, we were offered coverage from any commercial and political risks up to 95 percent of the loan. And third, the financing solution had reasonable premium costs, explains Cristian Taranu, General Manager at UMEX.

Currently, Cimbria has approximately 20 ongoing projects within financial support.

– Understanding how and when to contribute with relevant solutions to a customer’s business challenge is crucial to Cimbria, and in some cases the combination of technical expertise and financial support is key, says Thomas Mohr.

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Cimbria is one of the world’s leading companies within industrial processing, handling and storage of grain and seed, as well as animal feed, foodstuffs and other bulk products. Cimbria is more than the equipment we...