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Launching the New Swift Indicator Mounting Box (Rail, Com and V)

Launching the New Swift Indicator Mounting Box (Rail, Com and V)
14 Mar 2024  |
The new hermetic mounting box with transparent cover has been launched for SWIFT weighing indicators (RAIL, COM and V), featuring increased height compared to the previous model. Designed to house the latest SWIFT V model, this enclosure provides a versatile solution for mounting up to 6 SWIFT V model indicators on DIN rail, or a combination of a RAIL/COM together with a V.

The mounting box includes the cable glands for wiring and the DIN rail for fixing the SWIFTs with their earth terminal, making it the ideal choice for simplified installation both indoors and outdoors, directly on wall, silo legs or machinery. Its robust design helps to increase the degree of protection against dust, moisture and dirt, adapting it to the demands of industrial environments.

This useful accessory gives you greater flexibility in the arrangement of SWIFT indicators, ensuring quick installation and additional protection in adverse conditions. The transparent plastic cover facilitates monitoring and maintenance, making this mounting box a complete solution for weighing needs in various industrial sectors.

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