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Wm. W. Meyer to Roll Shaft Mount Drive HDX Valve

Wm. W. Meyer to Roll Shaft Mount Drive HDX Valve
29 Apr 2020  |
The direct drive on a rotary valve, as the name implies, is mounted directly on the shaft, providing maximum performance within a compact, streamlined, quiet and cost-effective package.

Because Meyer’s new HDX direct drive rotary airlock valve has fewer components, it is not only easier to install but it reduces maintenance by eliminating side-mounted sprockets and chain. The direct drive is also 5% more efficient than a chain drive, eliminating mechanical losses.

With no exposed rotating shaft, the valve in operation is inherently safer, eliminating pinch points and the need for chain guards.

An additional benefit is the ability to easily change the speed of rotation when paired with a variable speed controller. Typical ratios are 10:1 with special designs to 20:1.

For decades Meyer has built direct drive packages.  This new innovative torque arm design provides a compact solution to your direct drive needs.

Libertyville, IL-based, Meyer Industrial Solutions Division produces premier system components for dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveying, and dust collectors. Precision engineered and manufactured in America, Meyer is known for its robust rotary valves, sanitary airlock feeders, flap gates, knife gates, screw pumps, gravity diverters and more.

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Wm. W. Meyer & Sons is a world leader in the manufacture of dry bulk material processing equipment, pneumatic conveyors, dust collectors, insulation blowing machines and vacuum collection systems. By continuing Bill Meyer’s tradition of...

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