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All We Do is Powder Flow Characterization

5 Jan 2021  |
The new website of Granutools is now online:

On this brand-new website, you can now navigate through the solutions designed especially for your business. Industries such as Additive Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Ceramic, or Minerals are represented through a series of our user cases and application notes that can be accessed freely, without prior login. 

Visit to discover our line of leading-edge instruments for powder flow characterization (GranuFlow, GranuHeap, GranuPack, GranuDrum, and GranuCharge) including the newly launched GranuPack High Temperature. The new website interface allows you to browse through these instruments, visualize their technical specifications and differentiators making them market leaders. Short videos are also available to demonstrate the usage of the equipment. 

Stay in touch with Granutools via our new website. Information about events such as free online webinars and publications in peer-reviewed journals will be published. 

Do you have an issue with your powder or its processing? Do you have a specific question or do you want to have your powders measured first in order to identify which Granutools instruments will help your process? Get in touch with our team of specialists. Every powder flow situation has a Granutools solution! 

Visit today for more information.”

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GranuTools, is a company that improves powder understanding by delivering leading-edge physical characterization tools. Granutools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization tools. Combining decades of experience in scientific instrumentation with fundamental research...

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