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Optimize The Sealing And Safety Of Your Conveyor Belts With LIFTUBE®

Optimize The Sealing And Safety Of Your Conveyor Belts With LIFTUBE®
5 Jul 2023  |
For almost 45 years, STANDARD INDUSTRIE International has been a specialist in the design and manufacture of solutions facilitating the handling of bulk products with safety and respect for the environment.

Optimizing production tools necessarily means reducing operating and maintenance costs. The LIFTUBE® system, developed and patented by STANDARD INDUSTRIE International, responds to this problematic by significantly improving the sealing of conveyor belts, improving the productivity and the safety compared to traditional conveyor belts.

The LIFTUBE® is a solution that optimizes the sealing of any conveyor belt (smooth or cleats, rubber or PVC, hot or cold splicing) It comes as a replacement of stations equipped with 3 rollers on the conventional conveyors. These are standard 1-meter modules that are scalable and easy to install on all or part of a new or existing conveyor while keeping the belt, chassis, and motorization of origin. It is installed between the point of loading and unloading. Available in widths from 500 to 1400 mm, in high temperature, explosive, food or self-extinguishing versions, the LIFTUBE® avoids any contamination of the product transported with the outside environment. This seal-proof system enables easy tilting of the glide boards and the central roller for easy and minimal maintenance. A removable hood can be adapted to the equipment to reduce belt conveyor dust emission. Only the size of the hood and the central horizontal roller depends on the width of the conveyor.

This covered system, suitable for transporting high-temperature products, can be equipped with self-extinguishing edges and accessories that can resist temperatures up to 300°C.

The LIFTUBE® is also suitable for conveying explosive products and meets various European and international standards.

Thanks to its pinch points protections the LIFTUBE® is one of the most efficient solution for problems of sealing and significantly improves the working conditions of the operators.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL: Dust emissions reduction between the loading and off-loading points: compliance with current standards (ISO 14001)
  • QUALITY: Contamination free for your product/Longer service life of the belt
  • TOTAL SAFETY: Protection of pinch points in accordance with official norms
  • SAVINGS: No change in the existing structure/optimization of output/no loss of production
  • MAINTENANCE: Reduced, Easy & quick access to the belt during maintenance operations
  • MODULAR: Standard, adaptable and evolutive elements on new or existing conveyors/Installation on all or part of the conveyor/Compatible with reversible belt with a width of 500 to 1400 mm.


Cover the conveyor belt is indispensable…

  • when the global dust generated by the transport of material and especially the large amount of poorly controlled falling material involves cleaning interventions almost daily. Thanks to the reduced number of interventions on the belt, the production and maintenance team are satisfied.
  • When the conveying meets problem with big loss of material, also related to the number of chutes. The LIFTUBE® equipment can focus on a critical section with several meters along the chutes.
  • When the conveyor is located just under the crusher, it creates a dusty airflow between the feed hopper and the chute. The speed of the belt causes this charged air into the conveyor and can create dust emissions at the outlet. To solve the problem, there are several solutions: installation of decompression chambers, misting system, vacuuming … and dedusting. Fixed on only 2m of LIFTUBE®, the dust collector is installed after the last chute, capturing particles in suspension thanks to the depression created by the fan. The multi-pocket filter retains these particles, which fall back on the belt during automatic declogging cycles.
  • When the safety of the conveyor belt must be reinforced. Thanks to the LIFTUBE® there are no more rock falls, no more accidents of people or trucks since there is no more material spillage. Dust emission is also under control, which avoids inconveniences for the neighbourhood around the plant.

To meet these standards and guidelines, STANDARD INDUSTRIE International has, thanks to its LIFTUBE® equipment, offered a solution adapting to the requirements of various industries. Thanks to the Atex, self-extinguishing, high temperature and all stainless steel versions, the conveying of material is done safely by reducing dust emissions considerably, thus ensuring protection and safety for equipment and operators.

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