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Innovative Multi-Point Earthing System from StuvEx

Innovative Multi-Point Earthing System from StuvEx
When loading or unloading non-conductive, flammable liquids or powders, there is a risk of generating electrostatic discharges. If these discharges reach sufficient magnitude, they can instigate an explosion.

In order to perform these tasks safely, StuvEx provides a variety of systems designed to verify the grounding of conductive equipment.

“Tailored for trucks and railcars, our TES01 (IP) (EX) earthing control solution is engineered to prevent electrostatic discharges effectively. It includes a control unit, an earthing clamp, and either a cable or cable reel. This solution verifies the electrical connection to the clamp and detects the electrical capacitance between the truck and the earthing point, allowing adherence to the guidelines outlined in standard IEC 60079-32-1.,” explains Emilien Griffon, Sales Development Manager for France.

A New Multi-Point Earthing System

The innovative StuvEx MGS01 (Multi Grounding System) system eliminates the need for multiple preventive devices! A single control unit can oversee up to 10 interconnected pieces of equipment (metal drums, industrial pipes, wagons, etc.) and verify their grounding simultaneously

“This renders it not only a more convenient option but also a cost-effective one. Additionally, it comes as a complete kit with all necessary equipment, such as cables and clamps, facilitating easier installation,” concludes Émilien Griffon.

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