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Powders Are Not All Free Flowing and Cause Problems with Conventional Feeders

Powders Are Not All Free Flowing and Cause Problems with Conventional Feeders
18 Mar 2020  |
Materials with a high bulk density and bad flow abilities are especially liable to sticking, bridging, rat-holing or compacting. Using an Entecon Flex Feeder can prevent this happening.

A highly durable flexible polyurethane hopper funnels material to the dosing screw. Paddles, situated against the outside of both converging hopper walls are mechanically rocked, back and forwards, to prevent bridging and rat-holing. It assures efficient filling of the feed screw for optimal volumetric performance.

The Entecon Flex Feeder contains a moulded polyurethane hopper, moulded as one piece, which means no seams or welds.

The hopper is “massaged” from the outside by two paddles. Due to an asynchronous swinging movement of the paddles the hopper has four-way movement. This massaging of the hopper from the outside results in a continuous movement of the product to be fed, it also prevents damage of the product to be fed. A constant flow to the feeding screw is secured.

The feeding nozzle and screw can be supplied in variable lengths to enable easy coupling or connecting to other equipment. And the interchangeability of the hoppers is simple. It is not necessary to clean the hopper and risk contamination of the environment.

All industrial areas where any form of solids are being dosed will benefit from an Entecon Flex Feeder.

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