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Solids Flow Measurement and Control At Low Flow Rates

Solids Flow Measurement and Control At Low Flow Rates
7 Feb 2022  |
The CentriFeeder MCV is a gravimetric weigh feeder that integrates the mass flow measurement capabilities of a solids flow meter, with the flow control capabilities of an integrated slide gate.

The resulting feeder accurately measures and controls the flow of any dry, free‐flowing solid that can be controlled using a slide gate. The outcome is an accurate, easily maintained, consistent flow that can be used for mixing, ratio control, or even bulk density measurement.

Combined into a single, multifunctioning weigh feeder, the MCV both measures the flow rate and total of the product that runs through it, but also controls the flow rate and total to a predetermined setpoint. As product flows through the MCV and flows over the curved measurement pan, the instantaneous flow rate is measured and used, via a PID control loop, to modulate the Integrated Control Valve. Because the CentriFeeder MCV is able to respond to changes in flow rate within 100 ms and can typically be within +/-1.00% of the flow set-point within 1 second, it offers a perfect alternative to conventional Loss-in-Weight feeders. The result is an extremely accurate way to measure and control the flow of any granular product such as pellets, grains, fertilizers and more.

The CentriFeeder® line of feeders
The CentriFeeder® line of feeders

Continuous Process/Controlling Flow Rate:  The CentriFeeder MCV can be used to maintain the flow rate of a product stream which can be useful for a variety of applications including continuous blending.  The flow rate is maintained by modulating the integral control valve within the CentriFeeder MCV.  Depending on the size of the MCV unit selected, flow rates can be controlled to as low as 250 lb/hr.

Batching or Filling Process/Controlling Total:  For batching, filling or other non-continuous blending applications, the CentriFeeder MCV can be used to control based on the total amount of product passing through the weigh feeder. After entering a setpoint for the fill/batch total, the CentriFeeder MCV will discharge the desired amount of product at a controlled flow rate. The feeder will then close its Integrated Control Valve once its target is reached, and the product flow will stop.

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