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Introducing Orbetron's Newest Product the OBLIW-SM

Introducing Orbetron's Newest Product the OBLIW-SM
11 Mar 2022  |
Orbetron Loss In Weight Micro Batch Blender. Orbetrons OBLIW-SM incorporates weighing technology with stepper motor controls for a high accuracy dosing capability, presented in grams, kilograms, or pounds. Multiple load cell capacities are available based upon batched weight.

Orbetron utilizes our 3-D printing technology for mounting capabilities onto your process. Orbetron LIW Batching system continuously calculates weight loss until the desired batch weight per ingredient is achieved. OBLIW-SM utilizes all of our disc feeding and mechanical design capabilities. Easy push-button controls for calibration and operation of the system. The OBLIW-SM includes a multitude of features such as: 

  • Maximum 1-6 Feeders
  • Integrate/measurement from grams, pounds, or kilograms
  • Integrated with stepper motors for higher accuracy
  • Includes disc feeders (OD50, OD100, OD150, OD200) with the optional Ezi-Dock™ product line for 100% containment
  • Multiple stand configurations
  • Can be used with Powder, Pellet, or Granulate Bulk Materials
  • Easy functional display
  • Quick and Easy material changeovers
  • Designed with multiple stepper motor capability
  • Communication protocol ModBus TCP/IP
  • 110V AC Input
Introducing Orbetron's Newest Product the OBLIW-SM

Orbetron’s Loss In Weight Micro Batch Blender can be utilized in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Medical, Food, Labs, Chemical, and Plastics industries. Due to these differences, we offer the same options but our disc designs can differ to accommodate the size of the material.

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Orbetron was founded in 2011 to fill a niche in the low-rate bulk material feeding market, but it’s our consistent drive to design, engineer, and produce state-of-the-art equipment that has allowed us to expand internationally....

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