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Lindor Innovates For Even Greater Powder Flow In Mixing

Nearly All Materials Flow Smoothly Through Lindor's Standard Blenders
23 Nov 2022  |
Lindor machines are used for mixing and blending a range of products; from gelatin powder and delicate tea leaves to battery powder and catalysts. Nearly all materials flow smoothly through Lindor's standard blenders, which can be equipped with Teflon-coated, water-blasted, or mirror-polished surfaces.

However, there are a few rather particular powders that pose a challenge to any type of blender. Characterized by extreme cohesion and poor flowability, these powders include battery powder, talc, fine minerals and ceramics, and more. Therefore, Lindor has engineered two design innovations to their standard mixers to create a new mixer model for these very specific applications.

First, the geometry of the mixer inlet has been slightly modified to create a slightly steeper slope. Secondly, a component has been placed at the inlet and outlet of the mixer which activates the powder to stimulate flow. The combination of these two design adjustments increases powder flow speed and prevents stagnation. Furthermore, adding additional functionalities to the mixer, such as liquid injection, drying and cooling, remains possible as these are carried out in the mixing drum.

As specialists in powder processing and blending, Lindor is happy to provide advice in solving specific process challenges.

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Lindor, manufacturer of rotary drum mixers, is known for its gentle touch mixing technique. The concept stands alone in that the design is entirely free of internal agitators. The gentle but thorough mixing effect is...

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