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Big-Bag Unloader For Powder

Big-Bag Unloader For Powder
17 Jul 2019  |
The bag unloader and Big-Bags Model CDBBPP is a compact system that is designed for the efficient unloading of Big-Bags with powdered materials.


  • All the parts in contact with the product are in AISI 304 stainless Steel and the structural part in painted carbon steel. (other materials can be possible)
  • The control of the different equipment that make up the discharger will be done from a control box attached to the customer, to integrate it into the solid transport facility.


Once the Big-Bag is placed in front of unloader, the 4 corners of the Big-Bag are linked to the hooks of the crosshead that is lifted and displaced by a hoist. During the discharge, the vibrator motor will be activated to facilitate it.

Provided With:

  • Two pneumatic systems that massage the bag sequentially to facilitate the unloading of products with a tendency to caking. The massagers startup when the rotating level of pallets installed in the flat bottom extractor detects if the mínimum level of material has been reached. If after a certain time the massagers in operation doesn’t reach cover that level, it means that the Big-Bag is empty. At that moment an alarm will be activated.
  • Flat bottom extractor tank that breaks the vaults and moves the material to the rotary valve. It has a shaft with several blades, driven by a 2,2 kW gearmotor.
  • Rotary valve that doses/transports the material to the pneumatic drive or suction circuit or mechanical auger.
  • Gate for the unloading of 25 kg bags. (Optional)
  • Hoist for the placement of the Big-Bag at the point of discharge.
  • Rotary level of palettes.
  • Inductive micros of security.

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