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Continuous Dosing and Mixing for Sodium Sulphate Based Products

Continuous Dosing and Mixing for Sodium Sulphate Based Products
20 Jan 2022  |
Last November 2021, COSCOLLOLA ENGINEERING delivered and commissioned a continuous dosing, conveying and mixing system for Sodium Sulfate and other atomized products, and all this process was also integrated to the client's centralized control system.

The challenge in this project was the characteristics of the materials to be dosed, mixed and homogenized, the location of the silos and the equipment in the available space.

  1. Taking into account the apparent density for sodium sulfate of 2.66 g/cm3 and between 0.87 and 1.3 g/cm3 for the atomized products, the use of a continuous mixer of more than 200 kg/h, with a dwell time of approximately 30 seconds, a very flexible solution that allows handling recipes where the proportion of sodium sulfate can be between 10% and 70%, was proposed.
  2. The location of the atomized product silos, as well as their discharge, required the design of a bidirectional screw and a set of automatic valves to be able to discharge to the mixer or to the spindle of the bagging equipment as needed.
  3. As for the sodium sulfate, dosing was done by means of a screw from a pre-existing buffer hopper to the mixer.
  4. The touch-screen control is capable of interfacing with higher-level monitoring systems. The system allows for future expansion by installing a diverter valve and automatic valves.
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