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Flowmatic® 03 Bulk Bag Filler

Flowmatic® 03 Bulk Bag Filler
16 Oct 2020  |
The Palamatic Process Flowmatic® series offers a range of bulk bag filling equipment from low-cost and manual to high rate and fully automated. The Flowmatic® 03 model is the perfect balance of semi-automation features and design simplicity.

This model offers 3 main advantages: dust containment, powder densification, and bulk weighing. With a filling rate of 10 – 20 bulk bags per hour, the station is easily conformable to bulk bags of various sizes and dimensions. The tensioning cylinder and pre-forming fan assist in optimizing the filling of the FIBC. The vibrating densification table ensures that your powder is packed as efficiently as possible. Also, the inflatable seal for the bulk bag spout attachment keeps things dust-tight and your work environment safe and clean. Finally, the integrated load cells are capable of giving accurate gross weight readouts in real-time to enable your operators to dose your material with precision.

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