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Poly-Mill Industrial Pin Mill

Poly-Mill Industrial Pin Mill
10 Jun 2021  |
The Poly-Mill industrial grinder is the ideal solution for milling a wide range of bulk products.

Our industrial pin mill (also known as a universal mill or turbo mill) produces high energy impact capable of producing fine powders with an average particle size range (D50) below 100 microns, in one pass. In some instances, powders can be milled as fine as a D50 of 30 microns. The Poly-Mill pin mill can be fitted with an easily interchangeable impact medium to adapt to the specific needs of each application. Examples of the interchangeable medium are as follows:

Milling tools:

  • Pins, with or without classifier screen
  • Mobile or fixed hammers
  • Paddles
  • Knives

 Custom designs for CIP requirements and turn-key solutions are available via our experienced engineering staff capabilities. Common applications involve the fine grinding of powdered sugar, salt, sodium bicarb, etc.

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