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Industry Leader in Bulk Bag Handling Equipment & Bulkbags

7 Jun 2023  |

Our Priority is Quality

At FormPak Inc., we differentiate our products and services primarily through lower cost, greater customization and faster delivery. We have become known in the industry as the preferred supplier for bulk bags. Over the years, we’ve added several new pieces to our line, including PP woven bags, BOPP bags, and bulk bags, manufacturing capabilities include:

  • India
  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam

Bag Types

PP Woven Sacks
Our PP Woven Sacks have enhanced rigidity but still maintain a soft texture and are eco-friendly.

Bopp Bags
BOPP Bags have high level strength over paper bags-high tensile strength. Advantages also include oil and grease resistance.

Bulk Bags
Use bulk bags for a broad range of solids, including chemical, mineral, food, agricultural, pharmaceuticals and more!

Formpak Bags
At FormPak Inc., we offer a wide range of bulk bag options to meet our customers’ needs. Our bulk bags can hold up to 4000lbs SWL, and are suitable for various products, including food-grade products, hazardous materials, and more. Our goal is to provide high-quality packaging solutions that ensure the safe and efficient transport and storage of products while providing cost-effective & environmentally friendly options for our customers.

PP Woven Sacks
PP woven sacks are a popular type of bulk bag that FormPak Inc. offers to its customers. These sacks are made from high-quality polypropylene material & are woven to create a durable and flexible packaging solution. Here are some of the benefits of using PP woven sacks:

  • Strength: PP woven sacks are incredibly strong & can handle heavy loads without tearing or breaking.
  • Water-resistant: An excellent option for transporting and storing products that need protection from moisture.
  • Lightweight: Easy to transport and handle, reducing transportation costs.

BOPP bags: FormPak Inc. also offers BOPP bags, which are a type of PP woven sack that features a laminated layer of Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film. This additional layer enhances the bag’s durability and provides an excellent surface for high-quality printing, making them ideal for branding and marketing purposes.

Bulk Bags
Bulk bags, also known as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), are versatile and durable packaging solutions that FormPak Inc. offers to customers in various industries. Here are some of the benefits of using bulk bags:

  • Cost-effective: Bulk bags are relatively inexpensive compared to other packaging options like drums or boxes, allowing for significant cost savings in transportation and storage.
  • Space-saving: These bags are collapsible, making them an excellent option for storage & transportation when space is limited. They take up less space than other rigid packaging options.
  • Versatile: Bulk bags can be used to transport & store a wide variety of products, including powders, granules, chemicals, & minerals, among others.
  • Safe: Bulk bags come with various safety features like UV protection, antistatic properties, & high-strength stitching to ensure that the products inside are protected during transport and storage.

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