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FormPak is Redefining Packaging Excellence

19 Jan 2024  |
Revolutionize your company's packaging operations with FormPak Inc., and our line of automated fill/release/eject/accumulate/densify/pallet and slip sheet fed units. The BagPak 4400-AD family is a transformative leap in automated super sack packaging solutions that promises to redefine industry standards. This cutting-edge system seamlessly integrates and automates everything from GIW scale control, HMI interface, pallet feeding, pre-inflation, metal detection, magnets, densification, de-lumpers, samplers, sealers, slip sheet feeders, accumulation and transfer conveyors, bag stackers, stretch wrappers, and so much more to create a custom, efficient, and reliable bulk bag packer.

At the heart of FormPak’s BagPak 4400-AD lies unparalleled speed and accuracy, and simplicity of design. Unlike most auto-release bag strap systems, this system utilizes a rotating carousel that rides on simple cam-follower bearings. The operator manually turns this carriage (very smooth – even with no bearings) to attach the loops into push-in bales. This manual system vs. mechanized traversing hooks or chain/sprocket arrangements which are easily fouled and usually require operator guarding provides significantly less maintenance. Once the bag is full to weight, the bales swivel up to release the bag loops.

These systems are the preferred design in mining operations throughout the world – arguably some of the most demanding environments that must rely on simple and robust systems to avoid down-time and constant troubleshooting and repair.

In an era where innovation is key, the BagPak 4400-AD stands as a testament to FormPak’s unwavering commitment to excellence. This system isn’t just a machine; it’s a strategic ally in your bag packaging operation. Elevate your bulk packing capabilities with confidence, as the BagPak 4400-AD not only streamlines operations today, but also allows for adding additional automation as requirements scale or as a phased capital strategy.

Embrace a seamless convergence of precision and progress, as the FormPak BagPak 4400-AD leads the charge in shaping the future of super sack systems technology, and elevates your bulk bag packaging operations to new heights.

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FormPak was incorporated in 1968 by several engineers from the Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis. The initial charter was designed to serve Monsanto and other regional chemical manufacturers with outsourced equipment, formulations (Form) and packaging...

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