Poeth Big-Bag Filling With Improved Ergonomics

Poeth Big-Bag Filling With Improved Ergonomics
Poeth has developed a new generation of big-bag fillers with greatly improved ergonomics:
  • tiltable filling head
  • movable hooks
  • automatic release of big-bag loops

Tiltable filling head

By making the filling head tiltable, it is much more accessible for the operator. Certainly, with high capacities (> 20 big-bags per hour) this can prevent back complaints.

Movable hooks

The loops of the big-bag must be hung on hooks. The rear hooks are difficult to reach. By making the hooks mobile, they slide forward to make the attachment easily accessible. This also avoids unnecessary back pain

Automatic release of big-bag loops

After filling, the loops are automatically disconnected.

The system is also equipped with:

  • vibration system (to obtain a stable big-bag)
  • roller conveyor
  • automatic height adjustment of the head or roller conveyor.


The system has a flat plate on the top, so that the underlying components do not become unnecessarily dirty from the environment. The platform is flat and very easy to clean with very few cracks and seams.

The vibrating platform is also completely flat at the top so that cleaning is easy

Weighing system

The system can be supplied with a net or gross weighing system suitable for commercial use.

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