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Autoshuttle Magnetic Separator

8 Oct 2021  |
Ideal for 24/7 processes, the Autoshuttle extracts fine particle ferrous contamination from ingredients and cleans automatically.

The Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator enables screening of processed products 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need for manual intervention. The system can even carry out a full clean without the need to stop the process.

The unit is supplied with a pre-programmed PLC that can either work independently or be connected to a central control room system for remote activation or monitoring etc. There are reed switches fitted to each end of the separator tubes to indicate the position of each magnetic core. The full system remains air tight throughout normal operation making it suitable for environments where ATEX equipment is required.

Auto-Shuttle is ideal for dry powders and granulates, including crystallized sugar.

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