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The Ultimate Industrial Shredder for High-Volume Solids Reduction

The Ultimate Industrial Shredder for High-Volume Solids Reduction
10 May 2024  |
Franklin Miller proudly unveils the TASKMASTER® TM3000, a heavy-duty industrial shredder engineered for unparalleled performance and reliability. Designed with a low speed, high torque configuration, the TM3000 is equipped to handle a vast array of shredding applications, boasting large throat openings and extra heavy-duty construction. Its innovative design ensures effective operation with minimal noise, sparking, dust, or heat rise.

Key Features Include: High torque design, large throat openings, extra heavy-duty construction, unmatched performance and reliability, and is crafted with precision using top-quality components and superior engineering, the TM3000 sets a new standard for industrial shredders. Its robust construction features 5.5″ heat-treated alloy steel hexagonal shafting, 2″ cam cutters, and heavy steel plate and channel body construction, complemented by a planetary gear drive system.

Capable of effortlessly ripping, tearing, and shredding tough solids, the TM3000 significantly reduces volume for further processing or economical disposal. Its heavy-duty 5-1/2″ (140 mm) hardened alloy hexagonal shafts and high-strength bearings ensure a rigid and dependable drive train, while the spline input guarantees excellent power transmission from reducer to shredder.

For industries seeking uncompromising shredding capabilities, the TASKMASTER® TM3000 stands as the ultimate solution, delivering unparalleled performance, reliability, and efficiency.

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