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To Divert: To Cause Something or Someone to Change Direction

30 Jun 2021  |
Diverter valves are an essential part of pneumatic and freefall transport systems. They are the switches between conveying pipelines and enable efficient re-routing of products. TBMA can offer you a suitable solution for diverting and/or converging a wide variety of products in the most common processes.

The DTD dual-channel plug diverter valves are suitable for diverting or converging powders and granules in pneumatic conveying systems. The diverter is of a clever, value-engineered design and made of aluminium LM25 grade through a high-quality die casting process. All product contact surfaces are lined with 316 stainless steel tubes. The standard seals are FDA-approved silicone, which ensures a complete sealing between the body and the plug. 

The standard execution diverter with static seals can be used in pressure conveying systems where the pressure is less than 2 barg. When equipped with dynamic, inflatable seals (optional), the DTD is suitable for systems up to 6 barg. The DTD is supplied as a complete unit with a pneumatic actuator and associated components, such as a solenoid valve, solenoid coils, junction box, and position sensors. 

Our other plug diverter, the SDTD, is of a one-channel design, which makes it a more compact diverter than the DTD two-channel diverter with the same pipe diameter. De SDTD is only suitable for diverting and the standard execution with static seals can be used in pressure conveying systems where the pressure is less than 1,5 barg. When equipped with dynamic, inflatable seals (optional), the SDTD is suitable for systems up to 6 barg.  

Check out our DTD plug diverter valve and let’s divert! 

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