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New EN 1090 Certified Mounting Kits

New EN 1090 Certified Mounting Kits
16 May 2023  |
Our load cell mounting kits have obtained EN 1090 certification, for the construction of components and structural elements in steel or aluminum.

The certification demonstrates that LAUMAS mounting kits, as structural components of plant and machinery (such as silos), have gone through a controlled manufacturing process, with full traceability of materials and all the production techniques, verified and repeatable.

The EN 1090 standard is based on the requirements of European Directive 89/106/EC and European Regulation No. 305/2011 and lays down the basic standards, construction and performance characteristics that allow the CE marking to be affixed to the product. The marking therefore confirms compliance with the quality characteristics which guarantee its safety. By using our EN 1090 certified mounting kits, machine builders and fitters are therefore facilitated in the certification process of the entire structure.

The certified models

There are a great many certified mounting kit models for different load cells and all capacities.

5 classic LAUMAS mounting kits, structurally unchanged and now available in the dual version, certified and non-certified: V10000, V10275, V15000, V30000, V100000

6 new models, evolutions of existing kits, fully compatible and exchangeable with previous models: PV EN 1090, PV80 EN 1090, PV CLS EN 1090, PV 80 CLS EN 1090, TFPV EN 1090, TFPV 2000 EN1090

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