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New Hardy HIBSD Bench Scale with Display

New Hardy HIBSD Bench Scale with Display
4 Aug 2022  |
Hardy Process Solutions has announced a new line of bench scales that include an integrated display for easy operation. The new HIBSD Washdown Bench Scales offer simplicity and robust performance for light-duty industrial weighing applications. With the integrated 7-inch backlit display and push-button zero and tare functions, it's easy to operate for all kinds of scale weighing applications. The HIBSD Bench Scale is ideal for industrial manufacturing, food, beverage and chemical sectors.

The HIBSD bench scales are ideal for checkweighing (product inspection), piece and portion weighing and counting functions.  They are also perfect for adding minor ingredients or hand-ads in batch processes.  A special mode for animal weighing accounts for animal movement to determine an accurate measurement.  The stainless-steel platter make it easy to washdown.

“Hardy has built this product with the user in mind for every function,” said Jeff Moen, product manager.  “The backlit display has large, easy-to-read characters with a Zero and Tare button on the display.  A 72-hour battery backup allows operation for multiple work shifts before recharging.  Checkweighing functions are built-in for easy product inspection.  It’s genuinely easy for users to set up and maintain.”

Hardy HIBSD Bench Scales are washdown-rated with stainless steel platters.  They come with aluminum, environmentally sealed, IP65 load cells that have an ADC response rate of 100 ms. All Hardy HIBSD Bench Scales come standard in either 12”x14” with a 15-inch indicator column or 16″ x 20″ with a 33-inch indicator column.  They range in capacity from 33 lbs – 330 lbs (15 kg to150 kg). They are available with either a painted or stainless-steel frame with adjustable height feet and a level indicator.  

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