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Safe Transport of Itaconic Acid From the Big Bag to the Reactor

Safe Transport of Itaconic Acid From the Big Bag to the Reactor
14 Jul 2019  |
Thanks to the integration of a Piab vacuum conveyor system, a well-known chemical company can relieve its employees of dangerous and non-ergonomic work processes while optimizing process times.

The task was to transport itaconic acid into a reactor. So far, a so-called big bag with this substance has been lifted 6 meters above the ground to the inlet opening of the reactor. Underneath stood a machine operator who opened the bag and metered the substance into the reactor. This process was not only very time-consuming, but also extremely dangerous and not ergonomic for the machine operator as well as for the people standing under the bag.

The customer’s request was accordingly a system for lifting and emptying the big bag and the removal and transport of the powder / granules to the distribution system. Due to its good previous experience and other quality criteria, the customer directly targeted a Piab vacuum conveying system, which distributes the material to the reactors.

The new system consists of a bottom loading unloading unit for big bags, divert valves, the ATEX compliant piFLOW®p vacuum conveyor system from Piab and a conveyor line for transporting the product from ground level to the reactors. With this system structure, the health and safety of the operating personnel are maintained. The automation of processes also contributes to this.

The dust-proof design of Piab reduces product losses to the environment, thus increasing the cleanliness and safety of the working environment. With the aid of the delivery adapter, the customer can now remove the product directly from the unloading unit for big bags. This saves work and contributes to a safer working environment and satisfied operators. Piab’s pneumatically operated vacuum conveying system has a minimum of moving parts thus requiring little maintenance, resulting in less downtime and a high degree of reliability.

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