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Minislit® Automatic Bag Dump Station

Minislit® Automatic Bag Dump Station
29 Jul 2020  |
BRÉCÉ - Palamatic Process Inc. located in Philadelphia, PA, offers a wide range of bag dump stations and sack tip trays. The Minislit® is an automated bag opening station capable of high rates for bag and sack emptying operations in multiple powder processing industries, including food & beverage.

Common applications include quick ingredients discharge from smaller 20 and 50 lb. sacks containing dairy powders, granulated sugar, spices, etc., for mixing and processing further downstream. Bag opening rates on average are around 2 to 8 bags/min depending on the package type and material. The operation procedure is first conducted by feeding the sack onto a roller conveyor that transfers the sack into the cutting chamber. The sack hits an internal switch mechanism that triggers a horizontal saw, cutting the sack on three sides. Rotating discs grab the package material and pulls it down towards an integrated sack compactor, releasing the dry material for discharge through the central hopper outlet. The package material is compacted via a screw conveyor and contained within a poly-sleeve on the outside of the station. Further configurations are available including built-in dust filtration and CIP wash down nozzles.

Palamatic Process Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer and system integrator offering solutions for unloading, conveying, screening, milling, mixing, packing, and automation in your powder manufacturing process.

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